Oh well, at least it was cheap

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Before we left Washington, we sorted through ALL our stuff and planned to dump about a third of it off in storage. I had no idea what we would end up needing on this adventure, so I brought everything I could possibly think of (and that would fit). The Kitchenaid, my wheat grinder, and the crockpot were deemed unnecessary. We also dropped off sleeping bags, a bunch of toys and games, and assorted random bits we didn’t ever use.

It’s amazing how little we really need. Frankly, I wish we had gotten rid of even more. On the other hand, it’s amazing how much stuff we still had to keep. I haul around a lot of kitchen tools. We are on our 5th place and only 2 of them have had skillets I would be willing to cook in. No one has had decent knives, there’s nary a measuring cup to be found, and it’s hit or miss on little things like cheese graters and pizza cutters. Most of the homes have a ridiculously large wine glass collections, but if you want a cookie sheet, you’d better head to WalMart. We also have our own plastic cups and coffee mugs and my big soup pot and an edited-but-still-big spice collection.

I was thrilled to get rid of all that stuff, because it was just a reminder that I wasn’t grinding my own wheat or doing supplementary logic exercises with the kids or whatever. I hate it when my stuff throws me guilt trips. Jim was happy to get rid of it, because he is the chief schlepper and packing the trailer was turning into stressful 3D puzzle.

I can’t even really remember what we left behind, which just goes to show how important it all was.

There is ONE thing. One small thing I wish I still had…

Now that we are in Arizona, it’s *newsflash* hot. Hot means I don’t want to cook much or turn on the oven. But I still have to make dinner. We’ve eaten a zillion salads, but the kids are getting so much exercise swimming they’re hungry ALL THE TIME.


I had to go buy a crock pot. Dang it.