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• We are finally staying in a place with cable television. FINALLY. Oh, teevee, how I love thee… All day Saturday I sat on my butt and alternated between HGTV and Food Network. And then I pinned all kinds of ideas for my nonexistent house that I will decorate with my nonexistent cash.

• Last night, I watched Mob Wives Chicago (Jim watched too, but I’m not allowed to say). So far I don’t really understand who all these people are. There’s one whose father was an infamous mafia hit man, and another one whose dad was a dirty cop. All the women seem to alternate between being besties and wanting to hit each other in the head with shovels. It’s very confusing.

I shall persevere, though.

Also, I keep trying to envision some kind of scenario in which my own personal bestie and I are having lunch whilst she tells me about conflicts she’s having with her friends or co-workers, and after listening and nodding and being understanding, I advise her to to hit them in the head with a shovel.

• All the light switches in this house have been installed upside down. How does that even happen? I find this mildly amusing instead of really annoying, which I am viewing as progress on the Self-Improvement front. Perhaps all the chlorine in the pool is softening my neuroses. Meh. Unlikely.

• Speaking of chlorine, what should I do so it doesn’t turn my hair to hay? Is there some kind of special shampoo or something? I have been fretting that it will turn my gray hair green, too. It’s difficult being a person who is renting a house with a pool. Pity me.

• I told the kids that one of our goals while we are here is to finish up last year’s schoolwork. They are super excited. Pity me.

• The Waldo Canyon Fire is now at 55% containment. That is good news. Apparently the criminal element has been taking advantage of the situation and robbing houses and cars in the evacuation areas. That’s not only unconscionable, but probably also stupid.

• Happy Monday, y’all!