Oh Goody. A Project.

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Best Friend has been getting my mail for me while we’ve been gone.

This is about 2 months’ worth.

I’ve rather enjoyed not getting the mail. Every day there’s that little bit of uncertainty – will it be Oooooh! A package! or Ewwww. Bills.

And since Amazon can find me anywhere, I know this whole pile probably falls in the EWWW category.

Or maybe even the Great, Now I Have To Call About That category.

Hopefully there won’t be a Holy Crap I Forgot All About That! pile.

4 Responses to “Oh Goody. A Project.”

  1. Kristy Says:

    My favorite part about coming home from vacation is sorting through the mail. Of course, there is rarely ever anything exciting but it’s just the act of purging and sorting that fulfills a need in me.

    I think I see an US Magazine peeking out on the right side! Enjoy.
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  2. Kirsten is Comfortably Domestic Says:

    Here’s hoping that you have something fun sandwiched in between all the junk mail. Consider it a treasure hunt.
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  3. SaraB Says:

    I had a holy crap moment this week. I finally went through my “not important” mail pile and opened a credit card statement for an emergency card I never use. Um, yeah. There is $36.00 a year fee that came due in April. It’s June. So on top of the fee, I now have a ding on my credit history and two months worth of late payment fees! Expensive lesson!

  4. Eddie Says:

    Maybe there’s an awesome bag in that pile somewhere. Just guessing.
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