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We are now back in Colorado. I am super excited to be home for a couple of weeks. (Sharron! Knitting! Soon?)

The drive from Yellowstone sucked, because even though we were about 1 mile away from Wyoming in Gardiner, we had to drive hundreds of miles east along the Montana/Wyoming border to catch I-90 before we finally started heading south.

Imagine how happy I was when confronted with this news.

We originally planned on staying in Caspar, then decided to push on to Cheyenne before we stopped for the night.

There was not one single hotel room to be found in Cheyenne on Monday night. So we continued to Fort Collins, Colorado, getting in around midnight.

At one point, we stopped at a Starbucks, where I ordered a giant mocha with an extra shot for fortification, and the guy took one look at me and asked, “How’s your drive going?”

Was it my Fancy Driving Hair?

no makeup! don’t look! doooooooonnnnnnn’t loooooooooooook!

also maybe remember I own eyebrow tweezers. also why do I look cross-eyed? also maybe reconsider that whole hair-coloring thing. also maybe just stop tormenting people with pictures. also good job with that wrinkle erase feature in Photoshop.