Wrap Up: Week Who Cares? It’s Fall Planning Time!

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Can you believe it’s June already?

May is supposed to be the end of the school year.

We should be done by now.

We are close, but still, the end seems very far away.

I don’t know what my problem is. I have been planning next year, and I’m SO excited for the shiny new books to come. But I look at my list, and how crowded the schedule will be if I buy everything and I wonder if I’m just fooling myself (again). The Language Arts alone are overwhelming – Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, Mechanics, Literature… when I was a kid, didn’t we just have English once in a while and call it a day?

History is my real stumbling block. I don’t know very much about history. I don’t have any passion for it. I feel like I have certain parameters for a History program, but so far I can’t find anything that seems suitable. Everything is either too secular or too preachy. I came across a book called All Through the Ages, which is basically a giant Living Book list, broken down chronologically and by age. I’m thinking of getting that and figuring it out myself.

Math is easy, we use Math-U-See and it’s great.

Spelling is easy since I’m devoted to All About Spelling.

Vocab is Wordly Wise, although Big has an enormous vocabulary and sometimes I wonder why I even bother. But I already bought it, so that’s that.

Grammar… we will be trying out Easy Grammar next year. I have mixed feelings about the necessity of teaching grammar to a 7 year old, but it’s one page a day and looks gentle enough. We’ll see how it goes.

This will be the second year we’ll use a Memoria Press Literature package. It’s reasonably priced, and I am somewhat drawn to the Classical method. I like this program fine, although the Literature Guides are a crutch I will probably forsake eventually. The kids are never that interested in the talking points, anyway; they stubbornly continue to have their own opinions about every damn thing.

I don’t know who decided that would be a good quality.

We will continue to slog our way through my homemade Getty-Dubay penmanship book (which I made with StartWrite, a program from which I’ve totally gotten my money’s worth), and mentally I have pretty much abandoned any hope of teaching Big cursive. I personally don’t ever write in cursive (I write in all caps, a not-very-pretty habit from college), and legibility is more important to me than fancy script writing. I might do it with Little – she tries harder to write nicely. I’m not so far gone that I think typing will replace decent handwriting, but cursive just seems pointless. Sorry.

We will also begin Latin in the fall. I am really looking forward to this. I think Big will dig it. He likes words, so it should be a good match. Depending on how this goes, I may ditch vocab altogether the following year, or switch to a roots-based program.

Jeez. Look at that list – and I haven’t even started on Science or Geography or any Critical Thinking or Supplements…

I am planning on kind of copping out with Science and Geography next year, and doing some Evan-Moor Daily workbooks. We can get an entire week of lessons done in about 20 minutes, they provide a good overview of a variety of subjects, AND – this is the biggie – we will have done something even if I continue to not be able to boil a stinking cabbage for chemistry experiments.

Stinking cabbages.

Plus they are always dragging me into whatever they are interested in (what? you want a geoduck link?), so that leaves room for some interest-led science, too. I am going to get the Handbook of Nature Study, which will hopefully help me answer all their infernal questions.

What else? Is that enough? I sure hope so.

Little is going to do standard Kindergarten stuff – Spelling, Math, Phonics (we’re sticking with Explode the Code), and some of the Evan-Moor Daily Science and Geography. I need to really focus on getting her reading ability and confidence up, so I am hoping that Big can do more independent work and poor Little can stop getting the shaft from Crappy Homeschool Mom.

So, that’s it. How are you all doing with next year? Shiny new books showing up on your doorstep yet?

I know, I’m really over-talking about school lately, aren’t I? Sorry. Well, don’t worry I won’t keep it up, because The Real Housewives of New York starts next week, and we can talk about that all you want.