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Waldo Canyon Fire, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Now classified as a “Super Fire.”
16,000 acres and over 350 structures burned. Over 34,000 people displaced.
Estimated Date of Containment: July 16, 2012

Before –

After –

For more pictures of the devastation, visit KRDO and The Denver Post.

If you’d like information on how to help, visit Care and Share or KRDO.

We are safely in Arizona. I feel guilty, swimming and eating ice cream while tens of thousands of my fellow Coloradoans have been devastated. Stay safe, y’all.

Random Monday

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• I broke my blog for a couple hours on Thursday. After freaking the frak out, I had the good sense to remember I was married to a geek.  You don’t know how to code, Deb! Step away from the editor! Also stop reading articles on building a better blog. It’s FINE. Jeez.

• I am happy to report I survived my first mammogram. It was not as bad as I expected. Hopefully this concludes our news coverage into the Lady Garden and Adjacent Areas.

• There is a huge fire to the west of where we are staying. It seems like the whole state is on fire. On Sunday, there were 10 fires burning in Colorado.

Colorado Springs is having a record-breaking heat wave – not just a Hottest Temperature on This Day in History heat wave, but a Hottest Temperature Ever in the History of Ever Since We Started Measuring heat wave.

On Saturday night, the lady next door came over and told us we didn’t have to worry about evacuating – yet.

We stayed up until 2 am packing.


At the height of the evacuations, 11,000 people had been displaced and over 13,000 structures threatened. So far 3400 acres have burned, with zero structures lost and no injuries reported.

The Air Force is going to send some C-130s this afternoon to help fight it. That should be something to see – the news is warning us to not start freaking out when we see planes flying low and slow over the city.

I talked to the owner of the house we are staying in, and he is graciously going to refund the remainder of our stay. We are leaving tomorrow morning for who-knows-where.


• Happy (and SAFE!) Monday, y’all!

Probably you shouldn’t even read this

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I had to go to the gynecologist today.

It was an appointment I considered cancelling all week because I am just SO NOT into those kinds of visits, but I waffled so much that eventually the appointment time arrived and I hadn’t done it and had no choice but to go.

My doctor apparently takes her job seriously, so she ordered all sorts of bloodwork and mammograms and general unpleasantness and lectured me mildly with sentences that all seemed to start with “now that you’re forty…”

I thought quite a bit about whether or not to write about the whole thing, but realized after a while whinging about someone wielding what is essentially a giant eyelash curler near my Lady Garden was Inappropriate and Not a Suitable Blog Topic.

Even though the nurse told me to go upstairs to the lab to get my blood drawn and I sat there for TWENTY MINTUES before they finally told me that it was a fasting blood draw,

and even though at that point I had nothing to eat all day except some coffee, the cream and sugar would skew the results so I have to go back tomorrow before I go to my very-first-ever-mammogram-oh-my-gosh-HOLD ME PEOPLE,

and even though during that twenty minutes a really old, really overweight man wearing disturbingly tiny and ill-fitting shorts and who also maybe hadn’t had a shower in a couple of days FELL ON ME when he tripped getting out of his wheelchair to go give a urine sample and did I mention he FELL RIGHT ONE ME and the whole story is gross and maybe funny and an old man FELL RIGHT IN MY LAP RIGHT ON ME and everyone in the waiting room gasped collectively and leapt up to get him off of me from where HE FELL RIGHT ON ME, I resolved not to write about it and drag the tone of this heretofore classy blog down by talking about it.

Because I am a lady.

See you Monday.

More Travel Games

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As long as we are on the subject, here are a few other travel games I made  –

The Slug Bug Graph; Things that Go Graph; and Big’s favorite, The Construction Equipment Graph.


I also created a new page in the sidebar, so all my printables are in one place.

I’m very techy that way.