What My Kids Think

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Inspired by my buddy, MNKristy, I decided to see how well my kids know me.

We have a son Big, age 7; and a daughter Little, age 5.

Little was sort of uncooperative. But I got a few answers out of her.

My comments are in italics.

What is something I always say to you?
Big: you call me a turkey butt (true. I do always say that.)
Little: you call me Love Bug

What makes me happy?
Big: Us
Little: Us

What makes me upset?
Big: when I smack when I eat
Little: nothing (*snort* sure, kid. nice try.)

(seriously, I sort of thought they’d have so many answers, they wouldn’t be able to choose just one. I think they were nervous to answer. I have been telling them for the past 5 years to STOP YELLING, so that seems like an obvious answer. On the other hand, maybe it just illustrates how much attention they are paying when I say that 6482 times a day. Huh.)

How old am I? (I am 41. Damn it.)
Big: 41
Little: 30 (that’s my girl!)

How tall am I? (I am 5’2″)
Big: 7 feet
Little: 7 feet

(??? I don’t even know.)

What do I do when you guys are not here?
Big: Eat chocolate and watch teevee
Little: Eat chocolate

(boy, do they know me or what?)

What am I good at:
Big: typing on your computer
Little: hugging me (awwwwwww!)

What am I not good at?
Big: Thinking about new Lego technology
Little: Working

What is my job?
Big: Taking care of us
Little: I don’t know (I can see I will have give a speech on this subject)

How are we different?
Big: I’m a boy
Little: Our hair

How are we the same?
Big: We are in the same family
Little: I don’t know

What do you think I was like as a little girl?
Big: Tinier
Little: I don’t know

How do you know I love you?
Big: I just know
Little: I just know