Me and My Big Mouth

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The other day when we were driving around in Yellowstone (yep. it’s another tiresome Yellowstone story. deal with it), we stopped for lunch at a little picnic area near Sheepeater Cliff.

So we were eating our sammies and milling around and there was another family doing the same thing.

At one point, there was some kind of big rodent-ish creature crawling all over the rocks.

I said aloud, “what IS that?”

and the dad with the other family said,¬†“it’s a rock chuck.”

and I said, laughing, “Rock chuck? Are you making that up right now?”

and then I offended a total stranger.

Then later, there was a Black Bear crossing the stream not 100 yards from us (A BEAR!), and his kids wanted to go running after it. But he told them NO, they had to stay close.

And I almost said, “let them go – maybe the bear would come back if he thought he could get a snack!”

But no one noticed. Because I never get any credit for the stuff I manage to NOT say.

*I checked later, and a rock chuck is the same thing as a yellow-bellied marmot.