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• This house does not have a plunger.

A fact I unpleasantly discovered on Sunday morning after my son spent a few quality minutes in the bathroom.

Someone renting out a house and not providing a plunger is asking for trouble, that’s all I’m saying.

On the other hand, WHEN exactly can I stop being involved in the bathroom habits of my family?

Never, I’m sure. I fully expect to be that mom calling my kids in college going, “Did you poop today? How was it? You need to drink more water” and so on.

• The weather in Montana is nice enough that the kids have been eating lunch outside for the last week or so. This has set me on the path to True Happiness, people.

• We have lost sight of the big picture here. Now there are children on the no-fly list? A 7 year old girl with cerebral palsy is subjected to a pat-down because her crutches can’t go through the metal detectors? A boy in a wheelchair is given an invasive body search WITHOUT HIS PARENT’S PRESENCE?

I weep. And I refuse to fly. The lack of my dollars isn’t exactly breaking the airline industry,  but it’s all I’ve got.

• When is National De-Lurking Day? I need some comments, y’all. I know you’re out there….so gimme some comments! I love the comments! I live for the comments!

See, here’s the thing. While we are traveling, I never see my real-life friends. Or anyone in real life, really, unless it’s someone selling me an over-priced sweatshirt. It’s fine, because I know I have so many friends that live in my computer. But I NEED you guys to talk back to me. Conversations! With people who don’t expect me to make their dinner! Or clean the bathroom after them! Nirvana, man.

No pressure, though.

• Happy Monday, y’all! I hope all you moms had a good Mother’s Day. I made my family bring me cake and chocolate and cuddles, so it was terrific.