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Listen, people. This whole Exploring Nature business is incredible.

I cannot stress enough how awesome Yellowstone is. If you are in the midst of planning a summer vacation, or want to do any traveling in the future, I can’t say enough good things about the park.

Interested in geology? Yellowstone has a different geological feature every time you turn a corner. Obsidian cliffs, ancient lava flows, hot springs, fumeroles, mud pots, geysers, waterfalls… the list is endless.

Interested in wildlife? The wildlife is AMAZING.

We went into the park on Sunday. We were there about 5 hours and only managed to get 26 miles because there was just SO MUCH to stop and see. And we didn’t even get to the main animal viewing areas! We saw wolves eating an elk carcass. WOLVES, people. Two black wolves and one gray. There were also Bald Eagles circling, waiting their turn.

A quarter mile later, we saw a Bison. We stopped for lunch and saw a bear crossing a stream. A BEAR, people! In real life! Doing it’s bear thing! On our way back out, we saw a HUGE Bison pawing at the ground and making a bed to have a nap. Have you ever seen a 1000 pound animal try to lay down? It’s something. A bunch of cars were stopped in the road toward the exit, and we soon realized it was because they were all gawking at a mama bear with two cubs in the woods. BEARS, people!

I NEVER thought we’d see a wolf or a bear. I know the kids wanted to, and I did too. But I never thought it would actually HAPPEN.

I am in awe of this place.