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We made it to Montana on Wednesday afternoon.

I scheduled way too many days to drive. It was two and a half very easy days from Olympia. It snowed in Butte on Tuesday night.

Snow. On May 2nd.

Also, I apparently can’t read a calender, because we were supposed to check in on May 4th, and I thought that was Thursday. But it wasn’t. It’s Friday.

Because I’m 41 now. Have you heard? I’m old. Geezers R Us.

I will always be younger than Jim, although it’s a small comfort.

Faced with 2 unnecessary nights in a hotel, I called the property manager of our Yellowstone VRBO and she graciously let us check in two days early.

I was very relieved.

So we are staying in a tiny, tiny, tiny 1 bedroom house in Gardiner, Montana. It’s very tiny.

And there aren’t enough beds for everyone. Did I say tiny?

But! I care not!

Because it has this –

Which I am going to get in right now.

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