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Yesterday we drove from Shelton to Spokane. It was (natch) POURING rain when we left, but it became much sunnier the further east we went.

Once we got out of the Cascades, we hit the nice, rich, farmland of eastern Washington. We drove past miles and miles of fields. On one section of highway, the farmers had thoughtfully placed signs telling passers-by what was planted there. I appreciate this kind of thing, because I always want to know what’s going on. The kids appreciated it for about 90 seconds, then they realized I was going to read all the signs to them for 20 miles.

“You GUYS! Look! Corn!”

“You GUYS! Potatoes! Big, look out your window! Potatoes!”

“Mom, it’s just dirt.”

“I KNOW, but UNDER the dirt! Potatoes!”

At one point, I actually said, “Big! Quit reading and look at that dirt field! There are either potatoes under the ground now, or there will be soon! Big! Potatoes are going to happen there!”

“Mom. I’m reading.”

Little entertained herself for HOURS (thank goodness) with her Ikea finger puppets – which, can I just say? BEST TOY EVER. The primary story seemed to star a chicken and an alligator. “HI CHICKEN! I’m your predator! CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!”

There’s only so much CHOMP CHOMP CHOMPING Grouchy Mom (who’s had to PEE for 97 miles) can take, however, so I still managed to say QUIT MAKING THAT NOISE about 6,832 times.

Now then. For anyone who doesn’t know the key to traveling with kids: get a hotel with a pool. A POOL, people, is the key to sanity. What you want to do, see, is BRIBE them all day with the pool; THEN after you check in, you have the Daddy take them swimming until they are about to pass out from exhaustion while you stay in the room and guard the Secret Chocolate Stash. THEN you chuck them into bed, where they fall asleep immediately, because they are too tired to lay awake kicking each other all night.

So there you go.

Happy Tuesday, y’all!