Wrap Up: Week I Seriously Have No Idea

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It sort of depends on what part of the schedule I am looking at.

If I look at Spelling, it’s depressing because Big is STILL on Lesson 1 of the Level 2 book. But he is not technically, officially, in 2nd grade yet, so whatever. I mean, IF I cared about things like grade levels. Which I don’t. Because I am free from the tyranny of labels! (On good days, that is.) Little is flying through spelling. She is very bright. Although am sometimes mystified by her inability to tell me the short /e/ sound, when she can accurately read the words “Rosylipped Sculpin” in The Seashore of the Pacific Northwest.

If I look at Vocabulary, it’s awesome because Big has finished Wordly Wise 3000 Book 2. Also because I finally figured out how to communicate to him what I mean by writing your answers in complete sentences. Or in our case, saying your answers, since we do so much orally. I told him to pretend he was a reporter who had gone out to do research and was now back home, telling the Clueless Person Who Doesn’t Know Anything (e.g. me) all about it. I don’t know why that clicked with him, but it did. It seems like such a small victory, but I am excited about it anyway; previously I had been beating my head against a wall inanely saying, “complete sentences” like he knew what the heck I was talking about.

We continue to limp along in Math, and Big has come around to the Awesomeness that is flash cards. He actually ASKS to do them to warm up before we begin our bookwork. I don’t know what is going on there, but I’ll take it. We are in the middle of Chapter 22 of Math-U-See Alpha. Four more chapters to go. *sigh*

First Grade math: it might kill me.

We’ve read The Story About Ping and Blaze and the Forest Fire for Literature (we are doing both sets of First Grade Literature from Memoria Press).

For our family read-alouds, we finished Pagoo, which has to be one of the best books EVER. We all LOVED this book. People have told me how great Holling C. Holling is before, but I was like, “come on, they’re kids’ books, how special can it be?” But it IS special. The sentence structure, the vocabulary, the pictures he paints with words, the illustrations… they are all fantastic. I think I will order Paddle to the Sea.

We also finished Hello Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and Mrs. Piggle Wiggle’s Magic. I love Mrs. Piggle Wiggle!

What else…. I still have not managed to boil a cabbage for science, which makes 4 cabbages now that have rotted in my refrigerator for those keeping score at home. But we torment a lot of wildlife at the beach, so that’s science-y….right?

Geography. Driving all over the country is going to have to suffice for now. Plus I have an atlas in the car. When they want to know something, I chuck it at them and go “figure it out, dude.” Super! Homeschool! Mom!

Anyway. That’s not as impressive as I’d hoped. I would like to be finished with everything by next Fall. Aim High! That’s what I always say.

Hope your school year is going well, peeps.


G – G – G – Glamorous, Glamorous

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Actual email I sent my husband today:

Dear Sir –

I have been wrangled into doctoring little boy foot-warts, I refuse to be in charge of making sure his poop has gone down the toilet drain right.

Yer Loving Wife

I send messages like that all day long.

Probably you wish I was your wife.

The Hot Girl and The Geek

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Things I am Tired of Saying All Damn Day Long

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• Go back and wash your hands better than that.

• Lower your voice.

• Quit making that noise.


• That one. THAT noise. QUIT MAKING IT.

• Lower your voice!

• People! Quit yammering and just EAT!


• People! Quit hopping around! Just sit on your butt and eat!

• Flush please.

• Did you flush?

• Go flush.

• People! Lunch does not need to take 45 minutes! JUST EAT!


• What, are you kidding me right now? You were only in there five seconds. Go wash your hands again.

** I call my kids People! and Dudes! when I address them collectively. When Jim and I are talking about them, we call them The People. Like, “how are The People today?”

It occurs to me that we might be weird.

What do you call your kids?

If you call them “my lovely darling children” or “mummy’s preciousnessesssss” I will vomit.