This one time…

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One time, when Jim and I were dating, he came over to see me.

My parents weren’t home, but my sister was, and while I was innocently minding my own business they ganged up on me in a gigantic water fight.

In the house.

At one point, I ran into the bathroom and used the handheld sprayer to soak them through the cracked door. My sister yanked the door shut and tied it closed with a coat hanger so I couldn’t get out.

Then they went outside and sprayed me through the open bathroom window with the water hose.

To be clear, they turned on the the water hose and aimed it into the open bathroom window. In the house.

The handheld shower sprayer wouldn’t reach out the window, so I decided I had to escape and get to the other hose if I was going to exact my revenge. As I was half in and half out of the bathroom window, with my sister and my boyfriend aiming the hose – which was on full blast – right at me, and cackling their little heads off….

my mother drove up.

My mother was not a fan of the water fight. Especially ones that took place in the house.


I was reminded of this story because just this morning, Big was hassling me and I dumped a whole glass of water on his head. He was absolutely shocked. And very indignant.

It was hilarious.

After he changed his shirt, he started right back up, teasing and laughing and harassing me.

So I dragged him into the kitchen and was soaking him head to toe with the kitchen sprayer.

While I was doing this, Jim came up the stairs.

And then all three of them ganged up on me and somehow shoved me into the shower and turned it on.

Isn’t that rude?

Probably I should write a parenting book.