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• Last week I was cruising around the internet (shocker!), and I saw that Dooce and her husband were separated. This makes me inexplicably sad.

• On Tuesday afternoon I was harassing Big while he was trying to read – tickling his ear, tickling his neck, kissing his cheek, saying “Big.” “Big.” “BIG!” and so on.

You know. Fulfilling my God-given right to annoy my kids. And he was getting annoyed.

Finally, he swatted my hand away and said crossly, “I’m hungry. Go make me some dinner.”

If Jim hadn’t been laughing so hard he was in danger of peeing himself, he would have told Big not to talk to me that way.

I’m almost sure of it.

• Here’s something disgusting: The 15 Grossest Things You Are Eating. Click at your own risk.

• We drove to Mount Saint Helens on Saturday, where I presented my boy with his first real live volcano!

Amazing, yes? We were very lucky to get there at that exact moment.  When we first pulled up to the observation area, the clouds were just starting to clear from the top of the mountain. We had about an hour to get a good look before the clouds covered her again.

Volcanos! Plate tectonics! It’s all just glorious, isn’t it?

• Happy Monday, peeps!