Oh you’re THAT lady now.

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The other day I had a not-too-bad hair day, and with some “you should have a picture of yourself on your blog!” advice ringing in my ears, decided not to let it go to waste. I slathered on the ol’ makeup and camped out in the bathroom.

Because who doesn’t want the bathroom door in their self-portrait?


It occurs to me that maybe I should look into under-eye concealer.

Or work a little harder to figure out Photshop’s editing features.

Black and White, that’s better.

How do people do this without it looking like a mug shot? I tried making faces at myself so I would laugh, but I was laughing out of pity because I looked like an idiot. Besides, who smiles coyly at themselves in the bathroom mirror?

Bloggers, that’s who.

I got distracted by my gray and started taking investigatory pictures.

Apparently the top of my head is striped.

Gray, Gray! Gray! Gray, Gray Gray!

Who needs highlights when nature is doing it for me?

I had a lot of help during all this, which was super helpful.

“Mom! What are you doing?”

“Mom! Why are you taking pictures in the bathroom?”

“Mom! Let me help!”

“Mom! When are you gonna come out of there?”

Maybe Natural Light is the key. Isn’t that what They always say?

Ick.  NO.

Draw on a little more eye-liner, why don’t you? And would it kill you to make the bed once in a while? Pasty-skinned heathen.

Eventually, I had to go to the grocery store, which I took as a sign to take a picture of myself in the rear view mirror.

Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving.

I was holding up traffic at a stop sign and garnering a lot of dirty looks.