Adventures in Kale

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(Spoiler Alert!)

In Which I Wasted $2.29.

So I keep reading all about Kale Chips. Frankly, they sound vile. I envision it’s similar to what a dried lawn clipping would taste like.

I don’t even like mixed green salads because it tastes like something that came out of a lawnmower.

That’s right. I’m an iceberg girl. Sophisticated!

The last time I thought about kale, I was a waitress, putting it on plates as a garnish. So what do I know? Kale is healthy. It’s a superfood. And after reading Zakary carry on about her “kale-ritos,” I figured it behooved me to at least try it.

See that? Behooved. I’m fancy, y’all.


I bought some organic (organic!) kale at the grocery store yesterday, and set about washing and drying and tearing it all up.

The whole time I was rolling my eyes at myself, because it was a lot of work for something that would most likely go to waste.

When I was getting it ready to go in the oven, Big  looked at the future kale chips doubtfully and said, “What kind of plant IS that anyway? It looks like a weed.”

I couldn’t really argue.

I sprinkled them with olive oil, salt, and taco seasoning, and cooked them at 350 for about 10 minutes, until they got sort of crispy.

The kids said they liked them, but I noticed that Big just ate the crunchy edges off and discarded the rest. Little kept saying, “this is my favorite part of dinner!” and “I LOVE KALE!” but only put them near her mouth and then back on the cookie sheet.

She did that with EVERY piece.

Mmmmm….. pre-moistened kale….

Jim had one or two and then apparently decided his time would be better served encouraging the kids.

I might try it with spinach. The kale was just so very fibrous.

Fibrous. That’s what it was. But at least it was unpleasant.