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• As if Pinterest could get any better, you can now customize the main pin that shows up as the cover on your individual Pin Boards. I know, that sounds confusing. Read this. And then tell me your Pinterest username so I can follow you.

Note: I’m not a stalker. I just know my way around the internet.

• I have not, in spite of my best intentions, been making bread since we’ve been traveling. However, I remain commited to improving our eating habits and have been reading all the archives of a blog I just discovered called 100 Days of Real Food. I was SUPER HAPPY when I read that I can get bread made from freshly ground whole wheat – essentially what I make myself – from a bakery called Great Harvest Bread Company. They have locations nationwide, and they grind the wheat fresh every day for their Honey Whole Wheat bread. They even have a pretty big selection of GF breads (Tressa). It’s expensive – here we are paying $5.50 a loaf, but it’s worth it to me. The nutrition content of whole grains is staggering, and the uselessness of white flour is appalling.

• I really have nothing of importance or interest to talk about lately.

And now you’re all rolling your eyes and going “DUH, Deb. When do you ever?”

I have a few small snippets, but after I type them out and re-read them, I know they are boring. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for injuries when thousands of people hundreds of people four people fall asleep and bonk their heads on their desks.

Like for instance, in spite of my firm position that weird things found on little boy feet is Dad’s Department, I have been swindled into doctoring some new weirdness Big has on his foot. He bellyached about it for a week or so before I consulted Dr. Google and determined it to be a plantar wart. Gross. I actually wrote three whole paragraphs about The Great Wart War of 2012 before I snapped to my senses. “Deb. Get ahold of yourself. No one cares about this crap.”

• Actually, I’ve been feeling kind of melancholy and homesick lately. I don’t know why. I miss my best friend. I miss my knitting buddy. I miss being able to order stuff from Amazon without a second thought. We’ve been homeless for five months now. It’s wearing on me a bit, I think. Figuring out where we are going to live is the most stressful part. I mean, I am really looking forward to all the places we are still planning to visit. And I’m not ready to stop traveling. But I’m still adjusting to certain things that you take for granted when you live someplace like a normal human being. Like putting your toothbrush and laundry detergent and shoes away without adding to the mental list of things that need to be repacked. Obviously, a travel trailer or 5th wheel would solve that problem, but it’s just not feasible with Jim’s work-on-the-phone-all-day situation.

I find myself convinced that I can solve a lot of these problems with just the right bin or basket, though. The shopping continues!

• Hope you had a good weekend, peeps! Have a good week!