Random Monday, Belated

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• I know it’s not Monday. I still have the plague, so things are behind. I managed a shower and cooked dinner yesterday, and deemed that sufficient.

• I’m sure everyone has seen this already, but it boggles my mind every time. To wit: Alicia Silverstone is a crackpot. Also, is pre-chewing food for your baby a thing now? Do celebrities really have nothing better to do than come up with new and innovative ways to be as weird as possible? Furthermore, that child is OLD ENOUGH TO DO HIS OWN CHEWING. How long is she going to keep this up? And I thought I was a dreaded helicopter parent.

I suppose it’s not such a leap from squeezable fruit in a bag to “hey, I can make that myself!” is it?

• Thanks to everyone who suggested places for us to visit. I really appreciate it. You all had so many good ideas! We have finally managed to schedule most of the year. Summer was the most stressful, as it is the High Season everywhere and I just don’t live in a universe where I can spend $1500 a week on housing. As such, we have found the only place where summer is NOT the high season in the entire country: Phoenix.

That’s right. We are spending the hottest part of the year in the hottest part of the country! Or Hell’s Waiting Room, as I’ve heard it described.

But! We will have a house with a PRIVATE POOL, which will hopefully make it bearable.

I generally start to wilt at temperatures above 85, and so am extremely a little nervous about this plan. Perhaps bathing suit shopping will make me feel better? Unlikely.

After that, we will head to the St. Louis area in August/September and then up to Michigan in October. November and December are still unplanned, but I would like to visit the Carolinas and maybe spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in Charleston or somewhere around there. We’ll see. Thoughts, internet?

• Have a good week, y’all!