So that’s not stupid AT ALL

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Or wait – I shouldn’t use the word “stupid.”

The New York City Department of Education is seeking to have words they deem upsetting removed from standardized tests.

Lookit. I don’t think that certain topics should be discussed in school. And I think standardized tests are stupid and pointless.

But banning a whole list of words because someone MIGHT be offended?

Here’s a list:

• Dinosaur
Really? dinosaur? That’s offensive? Seems like a reach to me.

• Children dealing with Serious Issues
That seems more like a concept than a word, but whatever. And who decides what is a Serious Issue? Because we’ve had a lot of discussions around here about whether Mom putting the cheese in the wrong place on a taco constitutes a Serious Issue.

• Computers in the Home – note: it is acceptable to talk about computers in the library
Because people will become jealous if they don’t have a computer at home? Feeling jealous is not the same as feeling offended, so maybe I’m wrong on that one. BUT if I’m right, then I also want to ban all talk of iPods and iPads, because I have neither and cannot bear being reminded of the horrible, iPad-shaped hole in my heart. Also knee-high boots, which I don’t have, but want desperately.

• Homes with swimming pools
See above. Although… I DO hate people who have pools. Who do they think they are?

• Junk food
I’m an unfit teacher by this measure. I turn all math problems into cookies – “if you have SEVEN cookies, and I steal THREE cookies…?

• Bodily Functions
Okay. Here’s what I’m wondering at this point. Is it REALLY necessary to ban talk of BODILY FUNCTIONS on a New York City Standardized Test? What kind of questions did they have BEFORE the ban?

The whole list has something like 50 words on it. I don’t see how they narrowed it down, frankly.

You know what’s offensive? The price of gas, that’s offensive. And how loud my children smack when they eat. And people who don’t know the difference between knitting and crocheting. And people who mix up lose and loose. And people who mispronounce the word realtor.

And this. This has to be the most offensive commercial I’ve ever seen:

Firstly, everyone who is in a position to need to buy diapers knows what happens in them and they’d just as soon not think about it more than is absolutely necessary. Secondly, people who DON’T need to buy diapers don’t want to think about it either.

So there you go. I somehow got from a word ban to a diaper commercial. Interpret as you will.

9 Responses to “So that’s not stupid AT ALL”

  1. Happy Elf Mom Says:

    I am feeling very jealous of Ipads and Iphones but wouldn’t know the difference between that and a Kindle or blue-ray thing.

    I wouldn’t even know how to work one if it were GIVEN to me.

    BTW that commercial needs music. Plus? I find it gross and creepy that everyone is watching the children, taking pictures and judging the quality of their poop. THEN no one has changed them by the end of the commercial!! Grossss!
    Happy Elf Mom´s last blog post ..Not Quite a Homeschool Video

  2. MNKristy Says:

    Poor, poor, miserable Deb with her freakish large and deformed calf muscles and Apple-less life. I pity you. You CAN NOT even imagine the fun and joy that you are missing without an IPod/Ipad or knee-high boots.
    MNKristy´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: Pinewood Derby

  3. Fairly Odd Mother Says:

    I am in utter awe over this banned list. It sounds like a joke!
    Fairly Odd Mother´s last blog post ..What are your internet rules?

  4. SaraB Says:

    I hate hate hate that commercial! And it has been on FOREVER! C’mon Luv’s people! Come up with something fresh and new. Emphasis on the fresh. No more bulging poo diapers please!

    P.S. Naturalizer makes a good pair of wide calf boots, mine are super comfy and have ample room for my sadly ample calves.

  5. Tressa Says:

    Diane Ratvitch has a good book if you want to read more about the word wars. I advise you read it only if you want to raise your blood pressure.

    I am sorry about your iPad woes. I really am. The diaper commercial was weird.
    Tressa´s last blog post ..Packing has commenced

  6. Nan | Says:

    How about New York tries banning the CONCEPT of “poverty” instead of wasting their time and money banning the WORD “poverty.”
    Nan |´s last blog post ..Vulcan Neck Pinches, FOR EVERYBODY!

  7. Eddie Says:

    Wow. Seriously? Swimming pools?

    Do they have Naturalizer shoe stores in the US? If so, just to let you know, they have a good variety of calf sizes in knee high boots. I found some for my non-existent calves this year (two pairs, if you can believe it! Heels and biker-type boots!), so there’s hope.
    Eddie´s last blog post ..Thinking through next school year’s plans

  8. Helena Says:

    Too funny, Deb!

    I love this post and I love these comments—I love that those who know you, know the angst you suffer over not having your dream boots. I love that the words you write make me smile this big. Love that you blog about stuff like this, because it MATTERS.

    Yeah. I think you’re kinda awesome, Deb. Or is “awesome” a banned word because not everyone gets to be it? 🙂
    Helena´s last blog post ..up and up into the light (+ an update)

  9. Shaun Says:

    I absolutely despise that commercial as well! Seriously, what advertising firm thought that tasteless schlock would make people buy their client’s products? Because all it makes me want to do is avoid their product like the plague because their commercials are offensive.

    P.S. I also possess too ample calves for knee-high boots, a fact I am reminded of each fall when all the ads for said boots are released. My solution? Move to Florida…it’s too hot here to even think of wearing them!