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• Sometimes when I’m making dinner and my kids are yapping around my ankles, “Mommy! Mommy! Mom! MOM!” I have this tiny dizzying moment where for a split second I think, “holy crap, they’re talking to ME. I’m the mommy! I’m in charge of these people!”

Just now, when I was picking up the toys that were in the middle of the road on my way upstairs to get my daughter out of the tub, I thought, “when did I turn into the person in charge of picking up toys? When did I become the person who CARED that the house was clean?”

Wasn’t it just 5 minutes ago that I wondered derisively why my mother was constantly sweeping? Now I’m the sweeper. I’m the boring grown-up, obsessed with stupid things, like how clean baseboards are. Damn it. When did that happen? I feel certain that I’ve been this person for a while, but sometimes it’s still a surprise.

Is that normal?

Nevermind. I don’t want to know if it isn’t.

• I went to Olympia on Sunday to get a haircut, because I just couldn’t stand it for one more minute. My hair was so long that I had taken to using about 6 of my daughters hair clippies to hold it back from my face. Jim was not a fan of this look. He wouldn’t come right out and say it – even when cornered (due to good training), but for the last two weeks there was a lot of “why don’t you make an appointment” and “don’t you need to fix your hair before we go?” and so on.

Finally, I broke down and picked a place out of the phone book that sounded promising. I called and made the appointment, then went to their website to get directions. I discovered I accidentally made an appointment with “the top salon in the Pacific Northwest according to Vogue Magazine.”

So that was an inexpensive visit. She did a great job, though. I got my brows and lip waxed while I was there. There is something invigorating about getting a good brow wax. I feel prettier. Younger even. Like I’m snatching my youth back from the jaws of…of whatever this is. Take that, Forty! I have the upper lip of a 25 year old again!

• I also went to Target to look for new jeans for Little. She’s been wearing her brother’s hand-me-downs, but he’s a skinny, skinny little guy – I buy Slims for him and they are too big. She’s tall (so tall!) and slender too, but even at 5 she has a very feminine shape. I realized the hand-me-down Slims were practically cutting off her circulation, and decided to see what the girls department had.

I didn’t buy anything. Fifteen dollars they want for little girl jeans!



There is not a snowball’s chance that I am paying fifteen dollars for jeans that’ll last for 3 months and spend most of their life getting dirt rubbed on them and the knees ripped out.


My new plan is to dig her shorts out of the Future Clothes bin and hope for warmer weather.

(Hi! I’m a tightwad!)

• I also went to World Market to check out this Biscoff stuff I keep hearing about all over the interwebs. I chickened out and didn’t buy any, but I DID see THIS**:

Which in retrospect, I wish I HAD purchased, just so I could leave it laying around casually on the kitchen table for Jim’s breakfast.

Look! It’s microwaveable!

• Happy Monday, y’all!


** Sorry, sorry, sorry. I know. But how could I NOT share that?

9 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. MNKristy Says:

    I like the analogy of your yapping kids…are you raising children or chihuahuas??

    Sometimes I can’t believe that I’m the grown-up either. Sometimes I don’t want to be.

    I wish that I could buy $15 Target jeans for the older boy. There is only one jean that he will wear and they are around $25 at Kohl’s. That kid needs to get a job and buy his own darn jeans.

    There are really no words for that photo. I can only imagine what is inside.
    MNKristy´s last blog post ..Spring has sprung!

  2. Marcie Says:

    When are you coming to Texas??? I so need to experience a Deb moment.
    Marcie´s last blog post ..Project #2–Parker’s Arsenal

  3. hikooky Says:

    I know about the jeans prices. SHORTS are $15 at Target this year, and some $17!!! I waited for a sale then grabbed up a pile. I would love to know the history of a sponge pudding called Spotted Dick. I bet Bill Bryson could do a great job of telling us about it. Have you read his stuff? OH Y
    hikooky´s last blog post ..some time outside

  4. hikooky Says:

    OU MUST! (wow – super weird key combination prematurely posted my comment) Anyhoo, BILL BRYSON.
    hikooky´s last blog post ..some time outside

  5. Jessica Says:

    Check out Kohl’s! They are having a huge sale on kids clothing, and the Jumping Beans brand is not that expensive and just as durable as Target clothing.

    I spend Friday evening mopping the floors, scrubbing the steps and wiping down the walls in the house. I actually enjoyed it! (I’m also nesting, so I’m my own brand of crazy!)
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Still a Baby

  6. tracey Says:

    I just adore you, Deb. You do know that, right? I have been slacking in my commenting skills lately and I apologize. I promise to fill your comment box up with random comments as much as possible.
    tracey´s last blog post ..Stream of Thought

  7. tracey Says:

    RESALE SHOPS! Good Will. Seriously. Under $5.
    tracey´s last blog post ..Stream of Thought

  8. tracey Says:

    OR OR OR OR!!! Make her a hippie and buy long, flowing skirts. They’ll last for YEARS.
    tracey´s last blog post ..Stream of Thought

  9. tracey Says:

    See? Filling my commenting duties.
    tracey´s last blog post ..Stream of Thought