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Okay peeps.  Here’s the thing.

We are in the throes of planning the next leg of our trip. We are rather indecisive as to where we want to go.

We spent November, December, and January in Bandon, Oregon. We are in Washington until the end of April, when we will head to Yellowstone and spend May hiking around in a giant volcano. In June we need to be in Colorado, to visit various doctors and rotate some of our stuff into storage.

From the middle of August until the middle of September we are going to be in St. Louis; and I am working really hard to spend October up in the Great Lakes area – ideally, Michigan’s  UP.

And I’d like to visit Minneapolis or Duluth in there somewhere.

But that still leaves some holes in the schedule…

Where should we go in November? December? What about that pesky six weeks between the beginning of July and the middle of August?

Any ideas?

Where have you been that you loved? Any place off the beaten path that’s worth a look? Any place that’s magical at Christmas?

We love tours of factories and other interesting things, art museums, science museums, being near the water, etc.

We are considering checking out Kentucky, Tennessee, maybe the Carolina’s…. then maybe circling back around to Colorado through Texas in spring of 2013.

I am looking for suggestions and advice, so don’t hold back.