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• Today is my LITTLE sister’s 39th birthday. Please send me all your old lady jokes so I can email them to her. Because I rock a being a sister that way. I already know what I am getting her when she turns 40. I can’t hardly wait.

• I have not talked about this yet, but I am QUITE TAKEN with a way to scrapbook called Project Life. It’s more than merely sticking photos into slots, but less than the cutting and pasting and eternal moving-stuff-around-on-a-12×12-page that’s kept me from scrapbooking for the last, oh, every single year. I want to document the Adventure, and it seems like a less overwhelming place to begin, rather than, say, my entire life. I even bought PhotoShop Elements when it was on sale last week. Anybody who knows anything about PhotoShop (Melanie), feel free to leave me unsolicited advice. Also, do you guys print at home, or send your stuff out? And why? Anyone else doing Project Life? Do you scrapbook?

I’m going to have to stop myself from carrying on about this, because I might scare people off with my unbridled enthusiasm. I can already see how we can adapt the idea for school notebooking.

Although I might just take a tiny minute to brag that I went to the craft store on Saturday and scored a bunch of stuff at 40% off AND I had a 15% off coupon on top of that!

I love me a sale, y’all.

• Speaking of Saturday, it was THE BEST DAY EVER. My boy decided to come with me to Olympia (which is about an hour away), and we had the most fun. I took him to lunch, where he packed away a gigantic mushroom burger. We held hands everywhere we went. It was fantastic. Daddy and Little stayed home and made No Bake Cookies.

• Peter Gray, author of the Freedom to Learn blog at Psychology Today, begins a series about the very interesting results of the Unschooling Survey conducted last Fall by Pat Ferenga (of Learning Without Schooling). This first article is mostly about the demographics of the survery participants, but I am looking forward to reading more about what they learned.

• I was going to empty the spam folder this morning, but there were a few that caught my eye as Quality Comments.

Like this valuable tip. You might want to make a note:

I figured that the more I read a good book, the smarter I get. You might wish to add it to your post.

Or this one, in which I clearly have a positive influence on people:

I am taking the Internet seriously now.

• Happy Monday, y’all!