Wrap Up, Week….five? Maybe?

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Somewhere in there, anyway.

In the last couple of weeks we:

• Devoted ourselves to learning math facts. Which basically meant we did no schoolwork at all except flashcards. We’d run through several small sets of flashcards, then I’d set the timer for an hour. He could play during that hour, but when the timer went off, he had to come over and run through the flashcards again.

We did that all day, every day, all week.

So we may have thrown the schedule out deviated from the schedule a tiny bit, but he knows those facts COLD.

And during several of the free hours? He asked for index cards and made flashcards for his sister. Which she happily learned in a split second.

• We also read Pagoo, by Holling C. Holling. An excellent book, I highly recommend. It fits right in with the impromptu mollusk study that I’ve been roped into doing we’ve been working on.

• Visited a Shellfish Processing Plant. It was fantastic. And I’m not saying that sarcastically at all. We had a private tour with the head of education, Jennifer. She was truly amazing. She was young – in her twenties, probably – and enthusiastic. She directed the information at the kids – she spoke at their level without talking down to them. That is a rare quality in my experience.

The tour itself was quite interesting. Shellfish are amazing creatures.

And I don’t just mean the geoduck.

Which we got to hold.

Yep. Should have gotten a picture of that.

Here’s something interesting: Geoducks wholesale for $35 a pound. So there, all you people and your rude thoughts about them.