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The Carolina Journal Online reports:

Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria “Nuggets”

State agent inspects sack lunches, forces preschoolers to purchase cafeteria food instead

So a GOVERNMENT AGENT is inspecting lunches brought from home and deciding whether they are APPROPRIATE? Shouldn’t she be out, like, inspecting the size of holes in swiss cheese or something truly helpful?

The Division of Child Development and Early Education at the Department of Health and Human Services requires all lunches served in pre-kindergarten programs — including in-home day care centers — to meet USDA guidelines. That means lunches must consist of one serving of meat, one serving of milk, one serving of grain, and two servings of fruit or vegetables, even if the lunches are brought from home.

When home-packed lunches do not include all of the required items, child care providers must supplement them with the missing ones.

The girl’s mother — who said she wishes to remain anonymous to protect her daughter from retaliation — said she received a note from the school stating that students who did not bring a “healthy lunch” would be offered the missing portions, which could result in a fee from the cafeteria, in her case $1.25.

And the government sees no irony in deeming a sandwich brought from home as inadequate and instead providing chicken nuggets. AND THEN charging the mom for the priviledge of essentially being replaced as decision maker and provider for her child?

What in the HELL is going on in this country?

This story makes me want to weep.

**By the way, I don’t need any help deciding what kind of light bulbs to buy either.


Gosh, what was I thinking?

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Michigan House Education Committee, February 1, 2012.

Debbie Squires, Associate Director of the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association

Wow, they scrubbed all traces of the video! Huh. I can’t find it anywhere.

It was a hearing in which she is explaining why her organization opposes online schools or cyber-schools in Michigan. During her testimony, she says, “Educators go through education for a reason. They are the people who know best about how to serve children. That’s not necessarily true of an individual resident. I’m not saying they don’t want the best for their children, but they may not know what actually is best from an education standpoint.”

The quote that really got me though – and I can’t find it anywhere – is she said something along the lines of “if parents want a say in their children’s education, they can express that at the ballot box when they vote for their local board of education.”

So yeah. Just cast your ballot every few years and watch educational reform happen!

Random Monday

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• I am at Heart of the Matter Online today, talking some more about Freezer Cooking. I am posting my amazing meatloaf/meatball recipe at the end of the article. I’d love to get enough questions to do a Q&A in a couple of weeks, so throw a girl a bone and ask me some freezer cooking questions in the comments over there.

You know, if you want. No pressure.

• My mother-in-law was here last week, so this will be brief and possibly lame as I struggle to recover.

• While I was getting ready so we could go pick her up at the airport, I was in the bathroom debating whether to wear makeup while Jim took a shower.

Me: staring in the mirror, fretting over wrinkles. “I can see the beginning of the old lady face. Look here, do you see this? I can see the bags of the future.”

Jim: “I can’t see anything….”

Me, thinking: AWwww!

Jim: “….I don’t have my glasses on”

• So far, everywhere we’ve stayed has ant problems. I am so sick of ants, I can’t even tell you. There was an exceedingly ugly incident wherein I thought I had an eyelash in my eye but when I looked in the mirror to get it out, IT WAS AN ANT.



It must have gotten on my hand when I was putting my contacts in.

There was screaming and then crying.

And maybe some cursing.

Anyhow, last week I was cruising around Pinterest and I saw a recipe for homemade ant poison.

That picture is disgusting, isn’t it? But I was encouraged by the comments that this stuff works, so I ordered some Boric Acid from Amazon (I love you, Amazon), and whipped up a batch.

It worked! I vanquished the ants! There were 3 or 4 ants milling around in the bathroom when I set the poison out. Pretty soon there was a whole line of ants, marching up and down the wall, taking the poison home to mummy. It was SO GROSS.

I may or may not have felt compelled to check on the ants every couple of hours and whisper “Die ants, DIE!” After about 24 hours, they were all gone!

I thought about getting a little ant carcass and hanging it in effigy to warn any future interlopers, but that seemed like a lot of trouble.

Nature needs to keep the heck out of my house.

• Happy Monday, y’all!


For My Husband

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Okay, y’all KNOW how funny I think Handmade Ryan Gosling is.

I mean. That stuff is just FUNNY.

And now there is HOMESCHOOL RYAN which is EVEN BETTER, if that’s possible.

Come ON. That’s funny stuff, I don’t care who you are.

Except for one thing.

My husband doesn’t think it’s funny.

He doesn’t GET it.

This bothers me.

I’m starting to think he has something against poor Ryan Gosling.

Maybe he’d understand better if I turned the tables a little.

And so.

Without Further Ado…

I present to you……

The Hot Girl and The Geek: