Organizing on the Road

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I had to pay bills the other day.


I thought I’d take the opportunity to answer the thousands* of emails I get asking me how I’m hauling my stuff around on this adventure.

Here is my bill paying kit:

That’s it. A storage box and an file folder box thingy. It’s amazing, actually. I used to have a whole filing cabinet full of crap, but before we left I found a professional shredding service and got rid of a TON of useless paper. Convincing myself I could get by on fewer Sharpies was harder.

I love Sharpies, man.

Envelopes, Stapler, Checkbook, Calculator….

Also inside the box are MORE boxes!

‘Cause that’s how I roll. All the components of my life are neatly packed into little boxes, then those boxes are placed into bigger boxes, and then finally, into one last large heavy-duty plastic trunk.

Like a set of matryoshka dolls.

Except less pretty (which I say with complete insincerity, because to me organization IS beautiful).

Places for my beloved Sharpies, Scotch Tape, Pencils…

And little hockey pucks full of other random treats. I love the little hockey pucks. And little flag post-its. I buy them compulsively.

There you have it! An entire office in one little box.

The best part is that when I am finished with it, I get to put it away (in yet another box) and avoid thinking about it for a while.

What else would you like to know?

* thousands being the number of emails I get in the rich world of my imagination, wherein you are all absolutely burning with curiosity about the details of my life and I graciously bestow my wisdom, whilst remaining modest and awesome.

8 Responses to “Organizing on the Road”

  1. MNKristy Says:

    You mean you still have to pay bills on the road? What a jip.
    MNKristy´s last blog post ..Sea Life Minnesota Field Trip

  2. Applie Says:

    OOoooo, love the hockey pucks.

    Everything is nice and tidy. Wish my house was like that. 🙂
    Applie´s last blog post ..Camper Food

  3. Melanie Says:

    Well, now I feel like a slacker. That’s more than I have by way of office supplies ALL THE TIME.
    Melanie´s last blog post ..Several MONTHS in Review

  4. Connie Weiss Says:

    Can you make one of those boxes for me? I love organization too!
    Connie Weiss´s last blog post ..I’m appSmitten

  5. Kirsten is Comfortably Domestic Says:

    Will you please take a vacation form your adventure long enough to organize my bills? Or the rest of the paperwork mountain? I’ll make you cookies.
    Kirsten is Comfortably Domestic´s last blog post ..Browned Butter Oatmeal Chippers

  6. Cindy Says:

    That is an impressively neat little box. I wish I were half that organized. Sigh. It’s just not to be, I guess. I’ve tried, but I don’t get enough satisfaction out of the finished product to keep things so lovely and neat. Maybe if I had some hockey pucks?…
    Cindy´s last blog post ..Galloping the Globe (Review and Giveaway)

  7. Bethany Says:

    I love it! When we were living “on the road” I too had everything so nicely organized. For some reason it isn’t as neat here at home. I am inspired- In my “free time” (insert sarcasm) I will work on reorganizing the office. Sigh.
    Bethany´s last blog post ..Passions

  8. Shauna Says:

    So where did you get the adorable hockey puck storage items? I’ve not seen those, and I too lust after organizational ephemera.