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• Last week, we moved from our VRBO in Oregon (that link is to the actual house we stayed in) to a new VRBO in Washington. I miss Oregon very much. I could probably stay on the beach forever and be happy.

A little closer to a Target than we were, but still.

• The new house is bigger, and has another bathroom. We have a very narrow strip of pebble-y beach outside the back door, and are on a calm bay. The kids have been tormenting the local crab population and watching birds.

Yep. I’ve been sucked in to more dratted bird watching. I ordered Birds of Washington State from Amazon. It should be here on Wednesday, so brace yourself for more insightful bird news. We even bought binoculars. I’m annoyed that I am now the person who hollers from the window, “YOU GUYS! There’re BIRDS out there! Come look!” I never in my life gave a hang about birds. Until now.

Homeschooling is ruining my lust for inactivity.

In fact, I interrupted writing this post to go watch the seagulls dig mussels or something out of the pebbles, then fly up high and drop them. This must break the shell open, for they fly back down again and dig something gross and slimy out of it.

• I had to fix the toilet paper holder in this house. I know I am just a renter, but it was upside down. And dudes, I can’t live like that.

• My mother-in-law is coming on Thursday for 3 days. She has never stayed in our house longer than 3 hours. I am very nervous. Pity me.