Organizing on the Road

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I had to pay bills the other day.


I thought I’d take the opportunity to answer the thousands* of emails I get asking me how I’m hauling my stuff around on this adventure.

Here is my bill paying kit:

That’s it. A storage box and an file folder box thingy. It’s amazing, actually. I used to have a whole filing cabinet full of crap, but before we left I found a professional shredding service and got rid of a TON of useless paper. Convincing myself I could get by on fewer Sharpies was harder.

I love Sharpies, man.

Envelopes, Stapler, Checkbook, Calculator….

Also inside the box are MORE boxes!

‘Cause that’s how I roll. All the components of my life are neatly packed into little boxes, then those boxes are placed into bigger boxes, and then finally, into one last large heavy-duty plastic trunk.

Like a set of matryoshka dolls.

Except less pretty (which I say with complete insincerity, because to me organization IS beautiful).

Places for my beloved Sharpies, Scotch Tape, Pencils…

And little hockey pucks full of other random treats. I love the little hockey pucks. And little flag post-its. I buy them compulsively.

There you have it! An entire office in one little box.

The best part is that when I am finished with it, I get to put it away (in yet another box) and avoid thinking about it for a while.

What else would you like to know?

* thousands being the number of emails I get in the rich world of my imagination, wherein you are all absolutely burning with curiosity about the details of my life and I graciously bestow my wisdom, whilst remaining modest and awesome.

Daddy made lunch!

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The Hot Girl and The Geek

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Wrap Up: Not Week 3 or Week 4…

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teeny-tiny, nickel-sized crab on my glove. 

…but somewhere in that murky period where unschooling takes place and I don’t actually cross anything off my schedule.

• Where we are staying in Washington, one of the primary industries is shell fishing. In fact, there are clam net thingamajigs on the beach right in front of this house. We were all quite curious about this, and have discovered that the main fishery here will give us a tour of their operation. We are going on Thursday, and I am already feeling smug that education will be happening next week.

• We spent a lot of time talking about mollusks. Big got up one day, said “I want to do some notebooking” and proceeded to unpack supplies. I was helpless in the face of this enthusiasm, and dutifully followed orders to find worksheets and printables and coloring pages.

We have diagrammed squid, talked about adductor muscles in clams and watched videos about geoduck farming. Big extracted a promise to take him to Pike Place Market so he can see a real geoduck in action.

Ah, the geoduck. For those of you unfamiliar, go ahead and google it. I’ll wait.


An entire day spent on that creature. AN ENTIRE DAY. Complete with his own diagrams and drawings and notebooking pages. I would post them here, but they would probably be blocked as Adult Content.


I mean, it’s not just me… is it?

I awarded myself sixteen thousand homeschool mom points for the geoduck. I kept a straight face all day, people. I deserve it.

• We also learned all about octopus, squid, and barnacles. It is surprisingly difficult to find a decent barnacle printable – if by surprisingly difficult I mean Big harangued me until I finally found two diagrams after over AN HOUR AND A HALF of searching. I also spent a lot of time cutting and pasting pictures and editing info into various word documents. Like, a LOT. Three thousand more homeschool mom points AND a junior biologist ribbon for me.

Unschooling isn’t for sissies, yo.