Wrap Up Week Deux

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• We are reading Cheaper by the Dozen aloud in the evenings. When I got to the part where Grandma Gilbraith stores a packet of camphor in her bosom during cold season, I sort of skipped over the bosom talk. But Big could tell I had skipped something and made me go back and read it properly.

So I did.

And then he asked what a bosom was.

So I told him.

And then he got all embarrassed.

So I started telling him stories of my own grandmother and how she put all SORTS of stuff in her bosom – dirty Kleenex mostly.

And then he was even MORE embarrassed.

So now I am bringing up the word Bosom more than is probably entirely appropriate.

A few days ago after they came in from playing outside, Big kept demanding that I feel his forehead. “Mom, feel how sweaty I am! Mom! Feel my head! It’s all sweaty!”

I declined.

He insisted. “Mom! I’m so sweaty! Feel my head! Mom! Why don’t you want to feel my head? Mom!”

Finally I was all, “I can see you’re sweaty. I don’t need to feel it and get sweat all over me. You know what? My bosom sweats, you want any part of that?”

And then he melted into a little puddle of mortification.

Mom for the Win!

• There was a freaking HURRICANE here again this week. Lots of ominous news reports about river flooding, power outages, high surf warnings, etc. etc. At one point there were SIX severe weather alerts on my weather app. So obviously, we went to check it out. And get coffee.

While we were out, I made Jim go into the grocery store and get 3 gallons of water and some candles. He laughed at me, but he wasn’t the one glued to my phone and freaking out at 3 am. I felt better, that’s the main thing. PLUS! Plus we talked about candles and looked online to see how they work. Which I did not know, so it was very educational for all concerned and THAT’S why it made the wrap-up list of Brilliant Accomplishments.

• And we reviewed spelling rules. And Little read aloud to us from Run Bug Run. I can’t even describe what it’s like hearing my children read and knowing I taught them that! So cool. Also it means I’m that much closer to them teaching themselves stuff while I watch The Real Housewives.

We wondered what the sea birds do when it is so stormy. Apparently, they hang out and look grouchy.