Blown Away

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Six Severe Weather Alerts. SIX.


I’m not gonna lie, it’s a little scary.

** When I wrote this yesterday, there were 5 alerts. I had to change it to 6 last night. This morning when I woke up, there were 8. EIGHT. Lots of ominous warnings about houses falling of the edge of the hill and cars being swept away by less than a foot of rushing water. Oy.


5 Responses to “Blown Away”

  1. hikooky Says:

    Whoa! Hold on! Be safe!
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  2. SaraB Says:

    Be safe! Are you guys staying put or heading inland?

  3. Deb Says:

    I guess we’ll just stay here. I don’t really know what to do.

    When we lived in Colorado, I understood the weather and knew what to do if we got a ton of snow and didn’t really get too worked up about it, other than to make fun of the tourists. Here, I don’t know anything. Is 8 alerts normal? Does that mean Run For Your Lives! or does it mean Wow, the Weather Guy Sure Is Having a Good Time!

    I think fleeing might be more dangerous than staying, since I am not familiar with all the waterways around here and they are all flooding. We have groceries and electricity and legos, so I guess we’ll ride it out.

    The coffee drive thru was open as of last night, so there’s no reason to panic just yet.

  4. Fairly Odd Mother Says:

    Hang in there (literally!) Hope you guys are ok and with coffee!
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  5. Ingi Says:

    Sounds full-on!!! Stay indoors and drink wine, I’d say.
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