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• I am at Heart of the Matter today, beginning a series on one of my true passions – freezer cooking. If anyone is interested in how I avoid cooking for weeks on end, while still feeding my family something besides endless pb&j sammies, head over and check it out. I’m taking questions too, so don’t be shy. (Tressa, I was partially inspired to write this for you, since Sucky Friend Deb STILL has not emailed you any recipes. Now I can kill two birds with one stone! Lazy FTW!)

• My kids are still asking for Christmas dvds and Christmas songs. We’ve been listening to Christmas music since, like, OCTOBER. People can only handle so much of the Brian Setzer Orchestra’s Boogie Woogie Christmas. And by “people,” I mean me.

• The government apparently wants to break the internet by passing some bill called the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA). I’m not sure why, but it is in keeping with their policy of “If Ain’t Broke, Quick! Do Something!” (more here, here, and here).

• Jimmie (one day we will wake up and discover that the amazing Jimmie has taken over the entire internet) wrote a great article on Hub Pages last week called Online Friends are Real Friends. I like this article because a) I think everything in it is true; and b) because it makes me feel better about how much affection I feel for my internet buddies. I know that non-online people don’t get what it’s like to feel like part of an imaginary community… Seeing people I know on Pinterest or homeschool forums is like running into a neighbor at the grocery store. Twitter is like bumping into a friend at Starbucks and sitting down to catch up for a quick minute.

Anyway. Not trying to get all mushy here. But AH LUV Y’ALL, MAN. Mwah!