Wrap Up Numero Uno

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Ta Da! I’m actually gonna do this!

At least once in a row.

Okay, this week we:

• Started back to school at the bright and early time of 10:30am on Monday. Mama’s gotta check in with the internet, you know.

• Spent hours at the beach and learned to identify Limpets, Anemone, Ochre Sea Stars, Snails, Mussels, Barnacles, etc. Read from Seashore of the Pacific Northwest and talked about the tides and tidal zones; identified some of the seashells we have collected and creatures we have seen. Printed out some relevant info from a Magic School Bus literature unit I had; then lost control of the conversation and it turned into a spirited debate about which of the phytoplankton look most like Phineas’s head.

• Tried to deflect Big’s idea to get a flashlight and go octopus hunting in the middle of the night.

• Read Aloud: Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and chapters 1-5 of Cheaper by the Dozen. I have never been the read-aloud mom (Hi! I suck!) so this is a big accomplishment. I am surprised at how much everyone likes it, even my husband wants me to wait until he can listen too. Cheaper by the Dozen might be a little advanced for my group, but it’s our first foray into the reading aloud, so whatever. I LOVED those books my entire childhood. Assuming I don’t backslide into Sucky Mom territory, I think we’ll try the Little House on the Prairie series next.

• There was assorted math and vocabulary; and Little positively breezed through Step One of All About Spelling, solidifying my feeling that the girl is ready to start reading.

• I also became increasingly vexed with the state of my hair. I don’t know if there is something in the water here that’s building up, or if it’s possible that whatever product she used at my last haircut is still cemented to it, but there is SOMETHING ON MY HAIR. Only the hair on the top of my head, not the back or sides. Some film. It’s nasty. I never use products on my hair. I’ve been washing it two or even three times in the shower, but it won’t come out. I alternate shampoo. I’ve even used BAR SOAP on my hair to try to get the gunk off. Right out of the shower, it feels sticky.




Any ideas, internet?