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(Cowl Posed Artfully on Weathered Adirondack)


I made a cowl!

I would do that thing where I take a picture in the bathroom mirror wearing it, but there are (oddly) no mirrors here. Who knows what my eyebrows are doing; I shall probably require a weed whacker and pruning sheers to tame them the next time I can look into a mirror. And the tetchy Lesbian Cop Hair is suffering too, I can feel it. I’ve gotten more than one quickly disguised look of surprise from the UPS man. Hopefully the new cowl will distract people.


(Cowl Posed Meaningfully on Rain-Soaked Deck)

It’s the Tuesday Night Cowl by I’m Knitting As Fast As I Can, and it’s free on Ravelry. This was a VERY quick and easy knit, and if you want to dip your toe into cables, this is a good start. I made the Chunky Weight Yarn version (with Grande Glow Baby Alpaca by Plymouth) and it has only 2 cable rows per repeat, and only 5 repeats. I knit it in 3 evenings while watching old episodes of Firefly.

An evening spent with young Nathan Fillion is a very pleasant evening indeed.

(Cowl Posed Astonishingly on Sea Grass)