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• We will be leaving this house in a couple of weeks; and while I will miss the wild, beautiful, fairy-tale-like Oregon Coast, I am looking forward to moving on to a bigger house. Constantly explaining that “Daddy’s on the phone and doesn’t want to listen to your treatise on Proper Flushing Technique” is getting old; and the noise of six thousand Legos being stirred in a bucket is driving me to the very precipice of sanity.

Legos need a room of their own.

Preferably far away from my ears.


• The other day, I was linking around the interwebs and somehow ended up at a rabbit hole called Blogthings. It’s a personality quiz site, and I can’t resist a good quiz. Back when I subscribed to the soul-sucking, inferiority-complex-causing publication called Cosmo, I always did the quizzes first.

I started at What Does Your Handbag Say About You and it was all downhill from there. The results alternately insulted me (You would fail 8th grade Spanish!), complimented me (You’re so Organized!) and confused me (You’re an INTJ! No, wait – You’re an ISTJ! Either way, you’re a Boring JudgeyPants!) Go take The World’s Shortest Personality Quiz and see if it’s even in the ballpark. It called me Status Conscious. Which I don’t think is true….I think it’s more that I like orange.

• Big lost his first tooth! As a result of this, I have morphed from the kind of person who thinks keeping baby teeth in a pouch forever is creepy, to being the kind of person who is searching for the perfect baby-tooth storage pouch. I know in 20 years when we are sifting through my stuff and we come across the tiny tooth pouch, that he will be all “mom, gross! who would save teeth?” And I agree that’s it’s gross. But I can’t seem help myself.

Actually, those last two sentences apply to many things about motherhood, don’t they?

• Happy Monday!