Prelude to a Wrap Up

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The first thing to do regarding the Wrapping Up is confess that with all the house-selling/packing/becoming nomads business, school slipped to the back burner for like, say, the last *mumble-mumble* months. Rather than try to cram 15 weeks of school into the next 3 or 4 minutes, reality thankfully smacked me in the head and I decided to stop running our school schedule from January to December and switch to August to June like normal people, which will have the happy side effect of giving me until June to finish last year’s work.

This means that Big’s first grade year will have taken a year and a half, but I’m okay with it. For one thing, we started school a whole year before he could have attended public school (due to his December birthday). So in fact, my slackerism has brought us around to Right On Schedule. See? Inadvertent Win!

Okay, not really a win, but not a loss either. Maybe a TKO, whatever that is.

Whichever, the main thing is we are starting with a clean (and not behind) slate; and I can dismiss all that guilt that’s been following me around for months.

In the first part of 1st Grade, we:

  • Did 19 Chapters of Math-U-See Alpha, dabbled with Life of Fred
  • Completed All About Spelling Level 1, began Level 2
  • Did a little over half of First Grade Literature (Memoria Press)
  • Tried and ditched A Word A Day; switched to Wordly Wise 3000 Book 2, did 5 Chapters
  • Did some random Critical Thinking exercises – Lollipop Logic, Dr. Dooriddles, and so on.


  • Wrestled passionately over handwriting practice and the dreaded skip-counting
  • Watched a bazillion documentaries – Galapagos, Blue Planet, How the States got their Shapes, Yellowstone, etc. etc. etc.
  • Took ice skating lessons for 6 months and swimming lessons for a year
  • Read voraciously (well, Big did. I read Us Weekly)


  • Spent 3 months on the Oregon coast, played on the beach, and learned to identify various coastal creatures.
  • Visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science twice, our local zoo half a dozen times, and the Boulder Butterfly Pavilion once.
  • Showed three adorable little girls how to grind wheat and make bread.

Huh. That doesn’t look so bad. I guess I sucked less than I thought. That’s good news, yo.