Mini Resolution

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One of the things I decided I am going to do this year for school is a Weekly Wrap Up. Or Monthly Wrap Up.

Or Yet-To-Be-Determined-Interval-of-Time Wrap-Up.

Hopefully this will do a couple of things:

  • Force me to drag homeschooling out of the old cool-whip container in the back of the fridge and into the forefront of our lives
  • Help me realize that we do, in fact, do lots of educational and other things of value (I just forget them all due to Peri Menopausal Sieve Brain Syndrome)
  • Help me recreate our Awesome! and Impressive! Learning Environment in case the guvmint man ever shows up on my doorstep

Most likely my wrap ups will not look like Melanie’s, whose writing contains sentences like “…he also wrote a three page essay discussing Aeschylus’s treatment of justice throughout The Oresteia…”


Not likely at all, and no one is more disappointed than I.

Probably mine will look more like “…Argued with Big for 45 minutes over the proper way to make a nine. Vented to husband, then ate a pan of brownies. Decided skip counting was stupid. Did not do chemistry due to pathetic discovery I am too lazy to boil a cabbage. Watched 2 hours of The Real Housewives and spent 327 hours on Twitter. Forgot I was supposed to pay the bills this week.”