Less Melancholy

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My, I was maudlin the other day, wasn’t I? It’s almost as if I wrote that post in the middle of the night.

The black, bleak, night.

Huddled in the dark…alone. With only the light of the monitor illuminating my tear-stained face…

It’s not like my poor children have been limping through the streets, barefoot and in dirty rags, seeking out the one kind shopkeeper who will turn a blind eye as they pilfer a roll of day-old bread; whilst I am at home, cackling cruelly at their misfortune and shoveling expensive chocolate truffles into my mouth by the handful.

It’s more that I want to work on being focused on them when I am talking to my children, and less distracted by the mental grocery list I am making. My brain gets noisy, and sometimes I don’t feel like I give ANYthing my undivided attention. I want to focus less on the future and more on the present. That’s what this year is about. We’ve realized that we tend to have a Grass-Is-Always-Greener outlook. We lived in Seattle for almost 4 years, but instead of exploring and experiencing all the amazing things that area has to offer, we were obsessed with paying off our student loans and wondering when we would decide to move back to Colorado. Looking back, we realize we squandered that time because we were focused on the future while the present kept sliding on by.

So 2012 is going to be the year of focusing on the present. One year of no fretting about our retirement account. One year of not worrying about raises or promotions. One year where we choose whale watching instead of adding to our savings account. One year to take the detour to see the world’s biggest ball of string instead of being in a hurry to get home. One year to waste Saturdays exploring the beach instead going to Home Depot and then yelling at the kids to stay away from that saw! all weekend.

One year. The Adventure Experiment.

It’s going to be a bunch of working on myself, which I find quite boring and tedious. I already have to reprimand myself sternly when I’m on Pinterest; because I get seduced by decorating ideas and before I know it, I’m fantasizing about whatever house we buy when we are finished traveling. NO! I tell myself. NO Pottery Barn Catalogs for you! Stop thinking about throw pillows and craft closets!

I’ve worked out a schedule and am prepared to devote 23 minutes per day to self improvement.

Unless it’s a day that has a new episode of The Real Housewives airing. Those days shall be considered holidays.