Cue the Post-Christmas Bickering

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So naturally, after all the bounty of Christmas, wherein Santa brought every Lego under the sun to our house, we had to have a big, tear-filled conversation about Sharing and Not Being Selfish and People are More Important Than Stuff, and so on and so forth ad nauseum.

We seem to have this conversation all the damn time around here, which makes me sigh internally and roll my eyes and think to myself “we covered this already! Quit being selfish, love your sister, and share your crap! Learn It, Love It and let me get back to Pinterest for crying out loud!”

Little, of course, has many typical little sister qualities – like when Big hates broccoli, Little can’t wait to declare her undying LOVE for broccoli; and when Big gets in trouble for not sharing, Little can’t WAIT to share and be a perfectly generous angel. I remember some of this behaviour from experiences with my own little sister, who would blink innocently while pinching me under the table. I was an idiot who would turn around and smack her in front of everybody and get in trouble. Subletly has never been my thing.

One time, my sister carved MY name into my mom’s sewing machine. My mother actually believed that I had done it, in spite of my protests that I surely would not be stupid enough to carve my own NAME if I was vandalizing something.

Anyway. That’s not relevant.

Character training makes my brain go all fuzzy. I’m never sure if I’m doing it right. I’ll figure it out, though. I want my kids to have a life-long closeness. To be best friends forever. To celebrate birthdays and holidays and be there for the births of each other’s children and all that stuff. I don’t have that with my own sister, and I wish I did.

Blurgh. I need another cookie…