Random Monday

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• The ocean! It’s big!

You are just going to have to get used to lots of ocean pictures. I’m enthralled.

• My daughter turned five last week. Five!

She was quite into it this year, informing us that she was going to be The Boss of Everything for the whole day! Every time I said anything to her, she was all “I knew that already, because I’m FIVE now.”

• Big’s birthday is this week, and he will be seven. Seven! When did those tiny babies grow up this much? Their birthdays are exactly one week apart. I know a lot of people think December birthdays suck, but I’ve always liked it because it turns the whole month into a big party. I also love that their birthdays are so close together, it’s something they can celebrate together forever.

• On Sunday we noticed that Big has a tooth coming in – behind his baby tooth.

The baby tooth is not loose at all.

And we are 2000 miles from our dentist.

The dentist that told us a month ago everything was fine in there.

So that’s awesome.

We found a local dentist who is going to take a look at it, and probably extract the baby tooth.

Even more awesome.

I wasn’t afraid of the dentist when I was a kid. But when I turned 30, the warranty ran out on my teeth and I have since endured three root canals. Three! Two of them were in the same tooth because I mistakenly thought I could put off getting a crown for a while. The thought of the dentist makes me a nervous wreck. I don’t want my poor baby to fear the dentist because he had to get a tooth yanked out on his very second visit.

Gah. My stomach hurts just thinking about that giant needle. I’ve seen smaller caulking guns.

• On Saturday we went for a long walk to the beach. We wanted to go in part because it was a very special low tide – apparently the tide is only that low once a month.

We saw clam-y things!

And starfish!

STARFISH, people!


• Have a good week, peeps!

Update: The local dentist discovered that the baby teeth are, in fact, loose, and will probably fall out on their own. She warned us that the new tooth will look worse before it looks better; and I’m just reading between the lines here, but “better” seems likely to happen sometime in the future when we begin paying a fortune for elaborate orthodontia. So that’s something to look forward to.