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We’re here!

I have about 8 zillion pictures of those rocks, but I will spare you.

We got here last Tuesday, just in time for some kind of hurricane-ish thing. It was wild. Supposedly there were 90 mile-an-hour gusts. Ninety miles an hour! That’s hurricane-y, right? I felt like Giraldo, practically.

On Wednesday afternoon, we made our way to the next town over, which has a Safeway and a Walmart. We went to both, because why not double down on the shopping fun the day before Thanksgiving? I pretty much refused to do a big turkey dinner, and bought regular groceries instead. On Thursday morning, we went to the beach.

The Beach!

When we got home, I made chicken-sausage-mushroom-noodle soup and cornbread and called it dinner.

It was terrific.