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Saturday we drove from Boulder to Rock Springs, Wyoming. It’s about 350 miles and it took us 8 hours.

Now I know you might be thinking That’s Some Sissy Driving You Did There – What Are You, A Bunch Of Weenies? (or if you’re Kristy, you not only thought it, you texted it to me directly.)


Bear in mind that I have two little kids and they are insufferable in the car. Big kept saying “I just need to move my body!” Poor babies, only Indy drivers are strapped in tighter than kids in carseats. Plus also think how much progress can be made when kids who didn’t have to pee in the nice, clean Starbucks 5 miles ago are suddenly verging on an accident when the only option is the side of the road. Not to mention that they both had been….irregular, shall we say, since we left home 2 weeks ago and Concerned Mom gave them some PediaLax tablets on Friday. Which both happily and unhappily kicked in on Saturday. Of course it would make it too easy if they coordinated those efforts, so we had to stop multiple times for THAT, too.

It’s a post about poop, people. Deal with it.

And that doesn’t even count all the stops to get snacks to shove in their pie-holes so they would be quiet for half a second.

PLUS it was windy and snowy and blowing snow and very scary for a good portion of Wyoming.

We also saw TONS of antelope. Very cute, the antelope.


That was day one.