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• I am writing this on Friday night, and we are getting ready for the drive to Oregon. We went to Target to pick up the requisite snacks for the drive, and I saw this –

SQUEEZABLE FRUIT. What is that? Just mashed up fruit? In a bag? Is chewing too much work now? I see the bag has some kind of spout to suck your fruit from. I suppose that would come in handy if you were an astronaut. Or if gravity disappeared suddenly. It’s organic. That’s…something.


• Here’s what bugs me when I go into a Walmart or a Target – the entrance doors are on the left and the exit doors are on the right. Every time I try to go into a store, I have to negotiate a stream of people with full buggys exiting the store.

We walk on the RIGHT in this country. The RIGHT. I want to  enter a store on the RIGHT.

• As we were checking out, I saw that the checker was bagging cleaning supplies with  food. I don’t know if they don’t teach checkers this stuff anymore or what. It seems like common sense to me, but when I started rearranging stuff, she gave me A Look. I said apologetically, “I don’t want chemicals in with food”  and she goes “oh” with a blank look on her face. And then she asks, “what about a magazine, can that go in there?”

And I was all like MAGAZINES are FINE, just don’t put the ATHLETES FOOT CREAM in with the CHEERIOS, YOU NINNY. But not out loud. Because I have self-control like that.


8 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. Fairly Odd Mother Says:

    LOL! The Squeezable Fruit is actually good! It’s made for either really little kids or for kids to throw in their lunch bag instead of a brown banana or a banged-up apple. I know, I know, let them eat a banana, but it’d be fun for a treat. Plus, now that Congress call pizza a vegetable serving, those kids need all the chances they can to get a fruit or veggie at lunch.

    Have fun in Oregon! I went to Portland once and would move there if it weren’t so stinking far away.
    Fairly Odd Mother´s last blog post ..The end of history

  2. Happy Elf Mom Says:

    Well, the squeeze-able fruit says “for school lunches” which makes a lot of sense. It gets so nasty in the lunchbox by the time it gets eaten. Though for family meals it would make about zero sense. 🙂
    Happy Elf Mom´s last blog post ..Christmas Gifts

  3. Applie Says:

    We have bought several of those fruit thingies. Only one girl likes them and only has them once in a great while. They are like sucking applesauce out of a baggie. After one, my daughter can do without for a while. They are also very expensive.

    Bagging lessons are only given at high-end grocery stores now.
    Applie´s last blog post ..Mouse in the House

  4. Kristy Says:

    My pet peeve about the baggers is that when I ask for paper bags (since that is what I use for garbage…the paper bags fit perfectly in the narrow cabinet next to the sink), the cashiers feel the need to jam the bags full to the very top, with no concern for the weight. And then when they try to lift the bag up and need to call over a forklift, it makes no difference. They just go right on bagging up 300 pounds bags of groceries.
    Kristy´s last blog post ..Vikings vs. Raiders

  5. Connie Weiss Says:

    I’m gagging thinking about the mashed up fruit.

    Is it for babies?

    Seriously…people are getting so lazy!

    I hope your trip was safe!
    Connie Weiss´s last blog post ..The Cullens Get A Pet

  6. Jessica Says:

    My son likes to eat the applesauce squeezable and I’m all for it because it means no mess in the car! But they are too expensive for us to buy all the time.

    I had a checker at Walmart that kept spinning the little bag wheel around without checking to see if I was lifting a bag out at the same time. She almost knocked a bag out of my hands before she took a moment to see if she could spin the wheel around.
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Hoot

  7. Thia Says:

    The door thing…I wondered the same thing! Then I realized something. The exit is closest to the check out lanes. There are two sets of doors at our wal mart, check out is between the two. So if you use one set, the entrance is on the left (going in) and the exit on the right. The other set of doors, the entrance is on the right, exit to the left. So that the people leaving do not have to cross the people coming in.
    That said, it still messes me up and I occasionally go in the wrong way.

  8. Sparklee Says:

    I have kind of wondered about those fruit thingies, too…I admit to having food issues, but I don’t like to suck on food that I can’t actually SEE.

    And what is the deal with Target and Wal-Mart doors? Always wondered that!
    Sparklee´s last blog post ..Sunny Tuesday School