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Okay, this is the Boulder VRBO we have stayed in for the past two weeks –

Living Room, with legos and dollhouse stuff strewn about. Jim has an almost visceral hatred of wicker furniture for some reason, so every day I tell him how much I like it.

I don’t, in fact, like it even a little; but it’s more fun if he thinks I do.

The kids’ room, with two twin beds covered in ancient floral –

Our room, with a queen bed. QUEEN! We have slept on a king bed for 15 years. The next place has a queen also, and frankly I don’t know if our relationship can survive this downgrade. It’s so…..crowded.

And finally, the teacup-sized kitchen. Last night Jim was pulling some break-and-bake cookies out of the oven and could not find the hotpad.

This kitchen has THREE drawers. And he couldn’t find the hotpad.

I mocked him.


I mean, it’s practically my DUTY in these kinds of situations. He got mad at me for making fun of him, which surprised me a little because it’s not his first day here.

Since we are only in Boulder for two weeks, this place is perfectly serviceable, if not ideal. I have learned a few things already about how Adventuring this way might go.

Firstly, the kitchen was filthy. FILTHY. Like, chunks of food from who-knows-when on the dishes filthy. After I recovered from the shock, I took myself down to Target, bought some cleaning supplies, and washed every single dish in the place.

I was really grossed out and horrified, as anyone who knows me in real life can probably imagine. But New and Improved Relaxed Deb realized that this might just be how kitchens in rentals are, and that a thorough cleaning might be part of the first-day festivities no matter where we stay.

Secondly, my life-long hatred of dust ruffles has been validated all over again. I cannot make the beds and re-tuck in the sheets (because of course, my husband kicks like a rabbit all night and rips the bed apart) without tucking in the stupid dust ruffle too.

Then I pull out the dust ruffle.

Which in turn untucks the sheets.

Which I then re-tuck in.

Which starts the whole thing all over again. But with cursing.

Dust Ruffles: Stupid. Maybe even Evil.

Driving to Oregon tomorrow!