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Toward the end of the weeding down/packing/storing part of this insanity, I was plagued by doubts about what we were doing with all our stuff.

Like, are we bringing enough stuff? Too much stuff? The right stuff? I felt alternately anxious we weren’t going to have everything we needed and disgusted that I thought yarn and 42 jackets qualified as a need.

Plus I worried about the stuff that was going into storage. We got rid of SO MUCH STUFF because I couldn’t justify paying to store it. Hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. Will I regret that? Or will I regret what we kept? We have done that before – paid a fortune in storage rent to store things, and then frowned at what we unpacked, wondering what possessed us to think it was worth saving. Will we do that again? We don’t know where we will be in one or two or even five years, so it’s hard to anticipate. Nevertheless, I find a way to lay awake in the middle of the night, fretting about my future mini-muffin-tin needs.

Worrying: it’s my superpower.

We found these amazing foot lockers at WalMart for $20 each. Over the course of 3 weeks, I proceeded to buy every one I could find within a three-WalMart radius. We have 25 of them now, and they are what we are hauling our necessities around in.

Don’t do the math. It’s upsetting.

So, here’s what I packed:

  • 2 bins of clothes per person
  • 1 bin of shoes (for all of us, not just me)
  • 1 bin of jackets, hats, gloves, swim suits, etc.
  • 2 bins of toys, crayons, playdoh, paper dolls, activity books, magnetic toys
  • a magnetic whiteboard
  • 2 bins of books for the kids
  • 1 bin for bill paying and other assorted office-y stuff
  • 1 bin for bathroom/medicine cabinet supplies
  • 1 bin of yarn and needles (one bin! a sacrifice! I put all my yarn in ziplocs and smashed as much air out ot them as I could)
  • THREE bins of kitchen stuff – a crockpot, the Kitchen Aid, bread baking supplies, etc
  • 3 bins for school – workbooks, notebooking stuff, the mom binder, and a tiny printer
  • 2 bins of food I know we’ll eat and don’t want to re-buy. Expensive pasta, organic tomato sauce, organic coconut oil, a bunch of spices, and so on.

The cabin we will be staying at in Oregon is apparently almost 100 miles away from a WalMart or a toy store, so I took out a bunch of clothes I was going to take for myself and stuffed Christmas presents in my trunks instead. I also crammed rolls of paper towels, paper plates, and plastic spoons into any extra space I found. I found a tiny spot for about 3 books for myself, and have already started laying the groundwork for  getting myself a Kindle.

Plus there was room for my computer, Jim’s work computer, and a couple of suitcases that we’ll use when we are driving (instead of carrying in 14 foot lockers, which might garner suspicious looks from the Holiday Inn Express people).

So. There you have it. Does it sound like I covered all the bases? Did I miss anything? What would you change if it was you who had gone mad and embarked on this journey?