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• The plastic tip of a shoelace is called an aglet.

You’re welcome.

Now I can rest easy, knowing a whole sick-day in front of Phineas & Ferb was not wasted.

• A couple weeks ago, my daughter announced out of the clear blue sky that she wanted a motorcycle. I asked “What do you need a motorcycle for?” And she said, “So I can go FAST!”

Um… How about NO.

• The other day when Big brought over some new Lego thing to show me, I couldn’t help but exclaim “what on earth is that nasty boy-gunk under your fingernail?” Without missing a beat, he goes, “oh, just something I’m saving.”

• If you are ever in the Denver area, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a fun place to visit. The dinosaur area is great and very kid friendly. We saw a special T-Rex Encounter with cool animatronic dinosaurs and facts about the T-Rex called Sue. They have a Discovery Health section, with lots of interactive things to do – monitor your heart rate, measure your stride, see the blood vessels in your hand, etc. There’s an IMAX, a planetarium, and various parent/child workshops. Plus, the DMNS is part of a reciprocal program that allows you entry or discounts to more than 290 science museums worldwide. Your local museum membership card might get you in for free.

(that’s not meant to be a commercial, we just love that museum and went last week with my sister. besides, this whole adventure is about experiencing and learning, so I’ll probably be talking about the stuff we do while we travel. I shall try not to be terribly obnoxious about it, but let’s not get our hopes up on that front)