Random Monday

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• We have to be out of our house in six days. SIX. I am feeling rather panicky. We bought a tiny trailer to pull behind the car. Then we looked at the trailer and we looked at the pile of stuff we wanted to take. Then we went through everything again and pared down even further.

Six days! Gah!

• When Jim and I were going through our closets, he asked me what I was going to do with all my out of season clothing.

Out of season clothing! I was all “have you MET me? I have been wearing cut-off cargo pants and birkenstocks forever and you want to know what I’m doing with my seasonal clothing?” Is there a fur coat all up in here I should be concerned about?

Girl, please.

• Also when going through my clothes, I noticed that approximately eighty percent of my wardrobe is pajamas. I have a broad selection of sweatshirts, pajama pants, tank tops, and long underwear. I also have nineteen pairs of cargo pants. I have no shirts and two pairs of shoes. Somehow, something has gone terribly awry in this department. I have six bras that strangle me and six bras that leave me flapping in the breeze. I alternate between the two kinds, so I get variety in what’s annoying me. Probably I should work on that a little, but I’d rather strick a shrimp fork in my ear than go clothes shopping.

• Six days! Gah!