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Because we are weirdos who are selling all our stuff and planning to travel, we will have no street address. No problem, right? Just get a P.O. Box, fill out some change-of-address forms, and bada bing!

Sadly, no.

I tried to change a bunch of my addresses online – the bank, the credit cards, etc.

They don’t like it. I got big red messages telling me my mail can’t go to a P.O. box.

Why not? The postal service handles all the mail, I just want them to hold onto it. Seems like a simple request, right?

I called the bank, thinking maybe they could override it from their end.


Because you know why?

It’s part of The Patriot Act.

I guess somewhere, sometime, some stupid terrorist got plot-related mail in a PO Box. To counteract that, good ol’ Uncle Sam has decided that 350 million Americans can’t use the freaking post office.

I swear. Stupid terrorists. They really piss me off.