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• After whining the other day about the impossibilities of boot shopping, Kristy left a link to the Nordstrom Boot Buying Guide in the comments. Notice how it says that a Narrow Calf measures less than 13 3/4″, while a Wide Calf measures over 15 1/2″. This means, basically, that NORMAL is a range of less than TWO INCHES.


Fie on boot makers everywhere!

• Remember Pop-Up Video? It’s back and better than ever. I may have slouched on the couch for three entire episodes the other day. Now I sort of know who Ke$ha is (not really).  I also see that VH1 is also doing 100 Best Songs of the ’00s, which I will be Tivoing, because I love that kind of crap. I can’t not watch I Love The Seventies if it’s on.

• I am still up in the Spousal Football Pool, now winning by 8 games. Eight! Holla! Jim was not upset the Broncos lost yesterday, telling me “they almost won.” Almost won? That sounds a lot like Lost to me, but whatever.

• I made Buffalo Chicken Bites for the game yesterday.

They were a little messy, but not difficult. Everyone loved them. They were quite delicious, and we will be making them again – it’s a healthy version of a chicken nugget, people! How awesome is that?

I poached the chicken, then shredded it in the food processor. After mixing the chicken, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese together, I divided the mixture and added hot sauce to only one half. The rest I left plain for the kids. Instead of corn flakes, I coated the balls in Panko, which is one of my favorite ingredients. It makes me feel all fancy and chef-y when I use Panko.

I neglected to call them Buffalo Chicken Bites and went with Chicken Balls, which led to a rather unfortunate series of jokes being bandied around the kitchen. “Daddy’s balls are still in the oven” and “Jim, what kind of sauce do you want with your balls?” and so on, said with straight face and carefully averted eyes.

• I was hoping to hold out a little longer, but the sissy in me decided to turn on the heater this morning.

• Happy Monday!