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• We do not celebrate Halloween in our house, but I still look forward to it every year because I can buy bags and bags of candy with impunity.

• I’ve been a little disappointed by the attitudes of the US hikers who were released from Iran last week. They seem rather ungracious. Aside from the fact that I personally think anyone who goes “hiking” on the Iran/Iraq border is a MORON, would it kill them to say Thank You to those who worked so hard to get them freed? (and no, I don’t think thanking Hugo Chavez is quite sufficient)

• I am up by FIVE games in our In-House Football Pool.

FIVE. Holla!

Jim’s whole problem is that he makes his picks emotionally. For example, he will NEVER pick against the Broncos. NEVER. Even though it is clear they will probably have a losing season. Also, he will NEVER pick the Raiders. NEVER. He hates the Raiders and has taught the kids to stomp their tiny feet when he cues, “what do we do to Raiders?”

I, on the other hand, make my picks based on how well I like the team outfits. Or whether the quarterback is in the tabloids and seems like a big jerk. Or how many players are convicted felons. One year I won by watching Regis and Kelly.

It’s very scientific.

However, the main thing is that I win. Sure, I hate football. But I shall continue to brag about it as long as I remain ahead.

• If there is anyone out there who gets the same guilty pleasure from watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I suggest reading Jay Mohr’s blog on Bravo.com. It is seriously hilarious. Seriously. I laugh out loud – literally! every time I read it.

• Happy Monday, y’all!