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I was so distracted yesterday posting the picture of Timothy Olyphant, I completely forgot about some of the other stuff I meant to tell you.

• Firstly, Peter Gray, who writes the Freedom To Learn blog at Psychology Today, is conducting a survey about Unschoolers and how they DO things. I have been reading Peter Gray for some time, and believe him to have a genuine interest in and appreciation for homeschooling, and think he truly wants to understand more about unschooling. Pat Ferenga, noted unschool advocate and author of the Learning Without Schooling blog, is participating in the survey. So all you Unschoolers, Life Learners, Free-Range Learners, and Child Led Learners might consider putting your two cents in on the subject.

I would like to know more about unschooling also, as I vacillate wildly between the Child-Led and Classical schools of thought on practically a daily basis.

• We went to Sam’s this weekend for milk and a lunch comprised of free samples, and I saw some things that I just can’t NOT share.

A pallet of this, about which I will say nothing because, come ON people, the jokes are writing themselves in your heads RIGHT NOW –

And Grit Magazine, which I had to capture for one of my all-time favorite internet people ever, GRIT!

I find myself particularly intrigued by the DIY Chicken Plucker on Page 76.

• Oh look! Another picture of Timothy Olyphant!

Okay, Sweetie. I’m done now.